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特に 大きな 問題ではないのですが
なんか うれしくて・・



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11111111 特に良いことなかったな~(笑)
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phallic さん 
This is really interesting, thank you for sharing ideas. At first, I was thinking that instead of say using a “column 3” for a rubric for midpoint that I would use “exceeds” as the criteria. (setting high expectations tends to allow students to rise to the occasion IMO) However, after reading responses, I had the idea that maybe sticking with the mid-range critera, but expressing to students that we’re never really “done.” Explain to students that there will always be feedback and always be room for improvement or taking the learning one step further. Be sure to specifically praise criteria that has been done well, but including next steps (as others have mentioned) in feedback for everyone. Feedback would include suggestions for those that may not have met criteria, and “exceeds” criteria could be used as suggestions for extensions for those that need it. I feel like this could eliminate the “it’s good enough”. Furthermore, in this manner you are differentiating for each student, but no one is really ever done…until the final due date. It certainly would look different depending on the subject, but I think true extensions of work for higher level thinkers is often overlooked and this could be a way to incorporate it without falling into the adding additional work trap. I welcome everyone’s thoughts on this ????
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